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Getting Eggs
Getting Eggs
We sell at the following farmers markets, and we are not always in
the same location in the market, so be sure to look for our small

Sometimes we are late to the market if something comes up on the
farm -- our apologies. We no longer are doing any Santa Cruz

It's that time of year when the hens begin to take their break.
Between August and Thanksgiving our hens molt and take their
break according to natural daylight cycles, so we have fewer and
fewer eggs from fall to winter. They start again right at the winter
solstice (around Christmas) so we have plenty of eggs in January.

Eggs are supposed to be seasonal. Poultry lay more eggs in the
spring and summer than in the fall and winter. If you want to make
sure you have Black Hen Farm eggs, stock up now and keep them
refrigerated. The eggs can be good for a month or more after their
sell by date (break eggs into their own bowl to be sure). You can also
freeze them (see
About Eggs). Because we have birds of various
ages and many different breeds and mixes, we have eggs naturally
throughout the year, as different birds take breaks at different times,
although we have significantly less in the fall and winter.

We allow people to reserve eggs in advance. You can always email
or call us for details and to let us know that you're interested. We

Brown, blue, green, beige, and white chicken eggs from assorted
breeds and mixes that were rescued from the community and
animal control, and a small number that were hatched by hens on
the farm who had the urge to do so. The birds include backyard,
heirloom, ornamental, and rare breeds that originated around the
world, such as Asia, South America, Europe, Australia, and the US.
Large eggs from ducks (seasonal)
Petite "peewee" eggs from small breed chickens. These chickens
lay fewer eggs and are usually kept for their beauty. Some chefs
believe that small eggs are more flavorful than larger chicken eggs.
You can judge for yourself.

Because our eggs are from poultry who are treated very well and who
are not discarded when they pass peak egg-laying age, our eggs cost
more. We think you'll find it's worth it.

We remove eggs daily, wash them in warm water,
candle them, and
refrigerate them. At the markets, the eggs are very fresh, usually
having been laid within the past week. The birds receive fresh
seasonal produce from local organic farms. The egg yolk color can
vary based on the produce they are eating and also the individual
preferences of the bird. We believe that providing a variety of produce
for them to eat, rather than just providing food that makes egg yolks
the most orange, is beneficial to the health of the birds. Also, using
leftover local seasonal produce that would otherwise be composted
is a good environmental choice because we don't use additional
water and equipment to grow produce or pasture just for their use.

We don't sell hatching eggs. The eggs have been processed for
eating, not hatching, so please don't try to hatch them. We believe that
hens should raise chicks, so don't ask us for hatching eggs.

Request More Information
We are located in Santa Cruz County, California.

Email us at
cheryl (at)

Follow our progress on BlackHenFarm.

How to Reserve Eggs
You can reserve eggs for pickup at one of our farmers markets. Send
us an email, at least the day before, with the following information:
what types of eggs you want (regular or smaller size chicken, or
duck), quantity (dozen or half dozen), and when you will pick them up
(time range, including the latest time, so we can sell the eggs if you
have car trouble, for example). Those who email us first are first in the
queue, because sometimes we don't have enough, as our farm is
small. You must pick up your eggs by noon, unless we have a special
arrangement. We will confirm by email.

We will sometimes let people pick up eggs at our gate if there is a
special circumstance, but we prefer to sell at the market.

Comments from Our Customers
My family loves your eggs! And I'm in trouble when I don't come home  
from the LG farmers market with them.

I bought a dozen eggs a few weeks ago at the Santa Cruz Wednesday
Farmer's Market.  I brought them home to San Rafael with me, and I
just had to tell you they are the  BEST eggs I have ever eaten. They are
especially yummy hard-boiled. I didn't even put any salt or pepper or
mayonnaise on them because  the flavor was so good, I didn't want to
change it in any way.

I originally bought the eggs because I support the humane treatment
of your birds, and I am willing to pay more for that to happen. I
expected that the eggs would be of high quality, but I want to let you
know how very tasty I found them to be. When I am next in Santa Cruz
on a Wednesday, I will make a point of coming to the market for more.

With Thanks,

I appreciate your efforts.  Not many like you.  Your from a world that
has gone bye bye.
- T, Los Gatos

The eggs were amazing.
-J., Santa Cruz

I don't care how much they cost. With your eggs, I always know what
I'm getting.
- Los Gatos customer
Los Gatos farmers market on Sunday in downtown Los Gatos
from 9:30 am to 1 pm.
San Jose Willow Glen farmers market on Saturday in San Jose
from 9:30 pm to 1:30 pm.