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Rescuing Poultry
Rescuing Poultry

We are happy to help people who are interested in setting up their
own flock of rescued poultry. We often know of birds who need
homes. In fact, if you are willing to rescue a rooster -- almost all of
them are killed at animal control -- we have a group of volunteers
who will build a chicken coop for you. All you must supply is the
materials listed on our materials list, which can either be new
materials or recycled. The house and run hold one standard-size
rooster and five hens comfortably in any season, are predator- and
rodent-proof, and protect them from contagious diseases and
parasites, such as bird flu. Other conditions apply. Contact  us for
more information.

Note: We lost our carpenter. If you know of anyone who would like to
volunteer to help build housing for homeless chickens, please let us